Alder Preece Top Tips for Positioning Down Lights.

Not sure on how many down lights you need?

Read our top tips on where and how to position them.

  • If it’s ambient light you want to create try using lights with wide beam angles as they can be spaced further apart. 
  • In narrow corridors and small rooms bounce light off the walls to create the illusion of space. Aim directional spot lights at the walls to achieve this.
  • Consider where you need effective light to perform tasks such as above worktops, desks and dressing tables. Position a downlight above the space or choose an adjustable light so that you can direct the light where it’s needed.
  • Set colour change downlights close to a wall to transform it’s colour at the touch of a button, saving you the need to repaint every time you change the décor. RGBW (red, green, blue, white) lights now have a white option for when you need a subtler atmosphere. 
  • Down lights are perfect for lighting mirrors, set the lights over the counters not in front of them to prevent shadows and spooky reflections.


Its as easy as that, but if you need any further help give us a call. 



Alder Preece Top Tips for Positioning Down Lights

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