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Automatic Gate Maintenance and Repair

Automatic Gate Maintenance

It is a legal requirement that all commercial automated gates must be regularly serviced and maintained following the manufacturer’s recommendations.We are able to offer a variety of service packages dependent on the type of site, this is all dependent on the amount of use the equipment is getting / cycles per day. We offer a no obligation site survey and can offer initial advice on the best route to a safe functional compliant system, that will comply with HSE standards.

New gates we install are all CE stamped and certified in house, this makes ongoing maintenance much more straight forward.

We are GATE SAFE approved, and work to the highest standards
During a PPM service visit we carry out the following:
  • Talk with client to asses any issues and failures that have noticed.
  • Inspect and test system operation.
  • Inspect structure and general condition of gates.
  • Carry out risk assessment to check for any guarding issues.
  • Replace backup and safety system batteries, as required.
  • Check manual release, and that client is clear on operation.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Test and Inspect all safety edges and stop systems for correct operation.
  • Check run times and adjust as required.
  • Carry out Electrical Report as per British Standards 7671.
  • Test any intercom and adjust levels if required.
  • Clean out foundation boxes and check drainage holes are clear in underground operators.
  • Report any areas of concern and provide recommendations.
  • Clearly affix service sticker and re test due date.

For further advice or information please do give us a call on 01989 472220 or email

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Alder Preece Electrical moves to exciting new premises

EXCITING new developments for local firm Alder Preece Electrical as they move to a brand new purpose-built workshop and offices after ten years of operating from multiple locations

Launched in Ross-on-Wye a decade ago by local electrician Ben Preece, the team at Alder Preece Electrical have worked across countless commercial and domestic projects. The company have undertaken large installations and maintenance at farms, schools and new-build developments. They also specialise in helping with the renovation of older buildings in Ross including the installation of the new lights for The Maltings Shopping Centre. Recently, Alder Preece has been responding to the increasing domestic demand for innovative smarthomes which are becoming more and more common in the area.

The new Alder Preece HQ can be found on Over Ross St (opposite Co-op Food) The new premises will include a spacious fully-equipped workshop and will allow the business to expand as necessary in order to accommodate its growing team of experts and apprentices. Mr Preece says of the move:

“This is an exciting new chapter in the firm’s history, one that’s been a long time coming! Taking a company from small to medium is a difficult maneuver, getting that correct balance of workforce and turnover is always a bit ‘trial and error’. Having a central base to operate from was always the plan, though, so I’m delighted that we’re finished.”

Alder Preece Electrical are taking on new clients now, for enquiries, visit



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Electrical Safety Testing (EICR)

1. Find a contractor, electrical testing (EICR) needs to be carried out by a registered electrical company, we are registered with the NICEIC and you can find an approved contractor on the NICEIC website.

2. Once appointed the electrician will be able to give you a fixed price for electrical testing the installation. The installation is all the fixed electrical equipment within a property, sockets, lighting, switch points etc as well as all the cabling hidden in the walls, floors and roof voids.

3. You may need to consider asking about portable appliance testing (PAT) testing as well, if your a landlord and supply anything with a plug top on, this will need to be checked at least every 12 months, to ensure its safe for the Tennant’s to use.

4. Once the EICR report has been completed by the electrician, there maybe some issues. These are graded 1-4 in severity, and further details about the fault.

5. If issues are found during the EICR and require urgent attention these need to be rectified. New legislation coming in to cover the rented housing sector talks of fines upto £30,000 for landlords, see the following link that come into effect soon.

Alder Preece can deal with the whole process and offer a hassle free cloud based reporting, and free advice on electrical and fire system compliance


Give Ben a call or email.






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Alder Preece Emergency power solutions, keep guests warm and crops cool

When a commercial client had a fire on their incoming electricity supply meter, it destroyed the switchgear and controls for the whole site, including the supply to a 1Mw biomass boiler supplying a large holiday complex.
The owner, faced a dilemma either find a suitable backup diesel generator setup, or face the prospect of thousands of pounds of damaged crops they had in storage, as well as a holiday complex without heating or hot water.

Alder Preece received the initial call from the customer at 3:30pm on a Thursday afternoon and had a team on site within 20 Minutes, actually before the fire brigade arrived.
We quickly worked to assess the situation and calculate the required capacity, and work out a solution that could be implemented within the timescales, suitable generators sourced and the team worked round-the-clock so the package could go live 1:30am Friday morning.
We used a mixture of our own and cross hired generators to meet the requirement, consisting of 2x 45 KVA and a 100 KVA all complete with fuel management to offer total continuity of supplies.

Alder Preece were already the electrical contractors for the site, and had a good knowledge of the electrical systems, We have an extensive stock of temporary power cabling, switchgear and generators ready at our stores, because of this the impact overall was minimal, the crops were kept cool, and the guests in the holiday complex were unaware.

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