When a commercial client had a fire on their incoming electricity supply meter, it destroyed the switchgear and controls for the whole site, including the supply to a 1Mw biomass boiler supplying a large holiday complex.
The owner, faced a dilemma either find a suitable backup diesel generator setup, or face the prospect of thousands of pounds of damaged crops they had in storage, as well as a holiday complex without heating or hot water.

Alder Preece received the initial call from the customer at 3:30pm on a Thursday afternoon and had a team on site within 20 Minutes, actually before the fire brigade arrived.
We quickly worked to assess the situation and calculate the required capacity, and work out a solution that could be implemented within the timescales, suitable generators sourced and the team worked round-the-clock so the package could go live 1:30am Friday morning.
We used a mixture of our own and cross hired generators to meet the requirement, consisting of 2x 45 KVA and a 100 KVA all complete with fuel management to offer total continuity of supplies.

Alder Preece were already the electrical contractors for the site, and had a good knowledge of the electrical systems, We have an extensive stock of temporary power cabling, switchgear and generators ready at our stores, because of this the impact overall was minimal, the crops were kept cool, and the guests in the holiday complex were unaware.