1. Find a contractor, electrical testing (EICR) needs to be carried out by a registered electrical company, we are registered with the NICEIC and you can find an approved contractor on the NICEIC website.

2. Once appointed the electrician will be able to give you a fixed price for electrical testing the installation. The installation is all the fixed electrical equipment within a property, sockets, lighting, switch points etc as well as all the cabling hidden in the walls, floors and roof voids.

3. You may need to consider asking about portable appliance testing (PAT) testing as well, if your a landlord and supply anything with a plug top on, this will need to be checked at least every 12 months, to ensure its safe for the Tennant’s to use.

4. Once the EICR report has been completed by the electrician, there maybe some issues. These are graded 1-4 in severity, and further details about the fault.

5. If issues are found during the EICR and require urgent attention these need to be rectified. New legislation coming in to cover the rented housing sector talks of fines upto £30,000 for landlords, see the following link that come into effect soon. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukdsi/2020/9780111191934

Alder Preece can deal with the whole process and offer a hassle free cloud based reporting, and free advice on electrical and fire system compliance


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